We empower small businesses to grow and succeed

We do this through cutting-edge technology,
a culture of innovation and a company-wide passion for what we do.

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We love our customers

We are their ambassadors, advisors and their friends.

We started out as a small business ourselves. We relish the challenge of helping everyone from a freelancer, one man band or larger SME complete in an increasingly digital, worldwide stage.

Powered by people.
Driven by data.

We combine engineering smarts, business smarts and street smarts with a vast amount of data, collected over 15 years, that no other business has. We hire the very best, most passionate people and we organise them into small focused teams to maintain a constantly innovative environment.

Focused innovation.
Cutting edge technology.

We help business owners find new customers, automate their operations, communicate better with their customers and ultimately grow.

We know small business better than anyone. For nearly 15 years, we have developed products and tools that puts power in their hands that often has only been accessible to large companies. We don't just want our customers to use our products; we want them to love them.

Multiple brands. Multiple countries. One mission.

Our work is diverse and ever-changing but our goals and values stay the same.

Every small business is different. Every industry is different. Our customers range from accountants to web designers to personal trainers to wedding cake boutiques. Our work takes us all over the world and spans vastly different cultures. Our mission remains the same though; help our customers grow.

We improve people's lives

Making customers happy makes the world go round.

Many of our customers are individuals. Some are small businesses who employ 20 people. Our products help them grow but more importantly help them enjoy their work. Creating products that amaze and inspire them helps them grow and improves lives. Our customers have families and they have their own customers. We understand this and and our passion flows through to all of them.

eTender in numbers

500k small businesses use us every day
$1bn secured by our customers with our help
3 years average service length of our team
5 countries in which we are active
2m clients introduced to our customers
200% annual growth for 5 years running

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